Parenting plan

If you decide to divorce or terminate a registered partnership and there are children involved, you must draw up a parenting plan. This is required by law. In the parenting plan, you make agreements about the children and arrange the division of care and education. Issues such as child support and the exchange of important information about your minor children are also included in the plan.

Law & Mediator

Ms Boomsma-Shriber has a great deal of experience in drawing up the parenting plan and supports this process legally from A to Z. She can also act as mediator. Especially if you have children together, it is important to make good agreements. As a mediator, she supervises the process and informs all involved carefully. In addition to the practical matters, she also offers guidance on the emotional level. This means you will jointly draw up a parenting plan with which you are both satisfied. If the situation changes, Ms Boomsma-Shriber always offers the option to review or change the existing Parenting plan. As a result, you are always assured of a customized solution.