Expats have long resided in the Netherlands. Although they often only work and stay temporarily in our country, they do have relationships and/or children. This means that they will also cohabitate, get married, have children or buy a house in the Netherlands. In some cases, people also break up or divorce. All these events must be properly legally arranged, always with an eye for the right legal context.

Leading processes in the right direction

Ms Boomsma-Shriber has been guiding expats for years with legal advice and mediation. This experience is important because issues with expats are never standard. There is a lot involved with their marriages, ranging from drafting marital conditions to arranging marital property law. Also in the case of divorces, sufficient knowledge of other legal systems is crucial to effectively supervise processes and adequately advise expats.


Ms Boomsma-Shriber is a member of the Association of Online Mediators (VOM) and can also provide online mediations. She has years of experience with mediations via Skype. Online mediations are also very efficient and flexible for clients.

Close collaboration with experts

Expats can turn to Ms Boomsma-Shriber with diverse questions. She combines knowledge, experience and creativity to always come up with the most suitable solution. Her role as a solicitor, mediator and coach is complemented, if necessary, by a broad network of experts. This varies from obtaining advice from the International Legal Institute to working with tax specialists, estate planners and psychologists. To ensure that the agreements are sound and well documented, Ms Boomsma-Shriber works closely with specialized civil-law notaries. In this way, expats can also count on the best customized support.

Do you have expat-related questions? Please contact Ms Boomsma-Shriber for information and advice.