Mrs. Mironova

Laura is a lawyer who is dedicated to helping people to come to “out of the court solutions”. She is very passionate about her clients and her job. She will work evenings and weekends going through the dozen of judicial literature to construct legal arguments. She will spend an evening with her client to write the necessary letters to court.

She is always very approachable and she will come in contact with her clients promptly. She is a feeling lawyer – who treats her customers with empathy and provides emotional support as much as she can. She keeps fair balance between emotional and professional engagement. Laura is tenacious, persistent and passionate for her work and she always strives to do the best using the support network when needed. She has superior ethics and acts within the guidelines of the legal structure, lawyers’ code of conduct, and the values inherent to the meaning of human kind.

Lawyer’s tool is the language and Laura is very well spoken. She speaks and writes legally sound and assertive. She has very strong sense of justice and identifies injustices very quickly. Laura is a heart-lawyer rather than a cash-flow lawyer. She is sharp to see the incompetence of the judges, lawyers, and she knows the procedural law very well. There are very few lawyers who are in a profession to make it better for the human kind and she is one of them. Dear Laura, I appreciate everything you have done for me to get me out of the chaos. During this time I also felt you as my friend and not only my lawyer.

Thank you. Spasibo.